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The Phantom T1340 is a 4 Mpx high-speed camera in an all-new platform, doubling the capabilities over cameras of a similar size.



Linka; distributor of ARRI Camera, Accessories and DI Systems, has been certified and authorized as Turkish Authorized Dealer by the ARRI after the training of ARRI Munich Service on 2012.

All maintenance, repair, quality function tests, sensor calibration and image quality reporting services of the Arri branded camera models have been provided by the Linka Camera Service in Turkey.

Linka is the only authorized company that has up-to-date service trainings, wide range of spare parts in stock 

Linka is also certified with the maintenance and repair service of Zeiss lenses. Lens calibration, maintenance and clean room services are provided in Linka Service. Clean Room is the location that lens maintenance and cleaning have been taken in place.

Maintenance, collimator tests, image quality tests and reportings and renewal of all mechanical and elemental parts of Zeiss Master Prime, Ultra Prime, Compact Prime lenses. 

Linka Service also “Service Partner” of O’Connor brand since 2014.

Additionally Linka Service provides the service for the Anton Bauer battery models and chargers.